Sugarbabies  Pintucked Maxi

Sugarbabies Pintucked Maxi

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Binny Sugarbabies Pintucked Maxi

Hello Possums! If you want to see the cutest native Australian baby, it’s a sugar baby possum. They chirp and make noises similar to a nutribullet. They have a very sweet tooth and they crave attention to such an extent that if they are ignored they become depressed. All this sounding familiar? It's like all of us over lockdown when we missed our mates and then got on Zoom.

And yes, wait for it, lets actually talk about the dress. It's seriously the cutest of  'The Farm' Collection. Pink yarndyed cotton check, broderie ruffles and pin tucks. STOP IT. Shirred back, fitted nicely then flares out into a gorgeous A-line dress.

Fits true to size.
Maxi dress.
Broderie ruffles.
Pin tucks.
A-line style dress.
Self tie belt.
100% Cotton.

Sugarbabies  Pintucked Maxi
Sugarbabies  Pintucked Maxi